Top 10 Things I didn’t know would happen in our first year of yoga studio life.

giphy (13)1 I would meet hundreds of amazing people and get to know them pretty much on a personal level. Best way to make new friends, ever!!!!

giphy (12)2 There is always a minimum of one mat and one water bottle left behind after every class and sometimes wedding rings, an actual entire work outfit, and a debit card or two. Almost time for a yoga yard sale ; )

giphy (2)3 How many “that’s what she said” opportunities there are when I am teaching but I have to keep my cool, suck it up and keep them to myself. “Keep pushing and you’ll get there….” lol

giphy (3)4­ How much I would learn and grow in each and every class that I teach and the inspiration I get from both those who practice here and our amazingly consistent, quality teachers.

giphy (1)5 When you stare out at a class of yogis hard at work in say eagle or tree, I equate the looks on their faces to maybe the zombie apocalypse. The faces of yoga are no joke…. faces of hard work both mental and physical, which is why I sometimes remind my class to smile, mainly because they are scaring me.

2006­ That time on Feb 23 when we listened closely to the weatherman and closed the studio for RAIN! Well played weatherman.

giphy (8)7­ I would have a place to tell all of my corny jokes and life stories and make fun of my husband and I think it helps keep our studio light and fun.

giphy (10)8 How many women roll around life without back­up hair elastics. I leave them out for the taking and I can’t keep them stocked. Get it together ladies ; ))))

giphy (11)9 I would say things like shit (instead of shin), wiggle your wibs (instead of ribs), and “BEAUTIFUL” like 400 times per class. sorry ; (

giphy (4)10­ We would establish an amazing community of great people who come to the studio because it makes them feel good and what’s more rewarding than that.

Let’s get even stronger and happier and awesomer (not possible) in our second year!!!Erica