Pandemic Christmas Gift Idea! (Cookies in a Mason Jar)

Trader Joe’s knocked it out of the park when they packaged pre-measured out cookie ingredients in a mason jar. Not only do they make a great family gift for the holidays, they are an easy way to throw together a sweet treat with the kids one afternoon. The one photographed here is next level….umm coffee and peanut butter chips? Yes, it’s still sugar no matter how you slice it but at least the ingredients aren’t loaded with dyes and chemicals.
If you wanted to gift a few of these this year, you could buy a half dozen mason jars from the craft store, get your cookie ingredients in bulk and layer up a few of your own jars made with love. Add a nice ribbon and a gift tag and leave on doorstep of family member or friend. This is a great pandemic Christmas gift for the whole family to enjoy. You’re welcome 😁