Mom Bottom

Mom bottom is when it’s the end of a long day and you’re standing in your kitchen, crazed, cracking open a can of black beans to drain and rinse them for chili, and you literally pour them into a strainer right over the kitchen floor. (not over the sink, but the freaking floor! Lol or not so lol).

Like most moms, I love my kids more than anything in the world, but also they have a way of totally annihilating me aha. I happen to have two of the chattiest Cathys imaginable and they constantly talk to me at the same time as if neither realizes the other one is also talking. Are you freaking kidding me aha? Additionally, ages 11 and 3 present a very unique variety of discussion topics which creates a total onslaught of my senses.

Then right as you begin to feel like you might vomit from the stimuli, add in the thunderous noise of a legit concert grand piano playing in the center of your home, and then voila, just like that, your dumping black bean juice on your floor, saying things like “I know you’re hungry, I’m going to ‘eat’ you (instead of ‘feed’ you) and calling your kid by the dog’s name.

For most of us, Mom bottom is an all too familiar place and we wouldn’t change it for anything.