New to Yoga?

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We were all beginners once! Yoga has changed our lives and we look to ensure that we guide your early Yoga experience so that you can take this amazing journey as well. We have a 6pm class every Tursday / 5pm class every Wednesday called Foundations. It’s perfect for beginners. Also, please come to any “All Levels” class on the schedule. All levels is exactly that – it’s for beginners as well as more advanced students. Every level is welcome and will be just fine. Walk-ins welcome any time!

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We encourage you to buy your membership or class package online ahead of coming to the studio to save time getting checked in. We take all major credit cards online but cash only in-studio. Paying online is a very quick and easy process. Click here to buy a membership or class pass.
No, you are welcome to just come in when it works best for you. Pre-registering is only required for workshops.
Yes, once or twice a week, check the schedule here. Unless it’s noted as a hot or heated class, we keep our studio 75-78 degrees for every class.
Wear what you want that can stretch with you as you stretch. Nothing restrictive, too heavy or too loose. Most men wear baggy gym shorts and a t-shirt or tank-top and most women wear some form of leggings or Yoga pants for a bottom and fitted tank. Loose-fitting, too open or too low-cut for the top will get annoying. Remember it’s going to fall down or even fall up when the body is inverted for a pose like downward facing dog.
You need yourself and a Yoga mat. You can also bring a water bottle and a towel, if you think you might be sweaty. We rent mats for $2 but urge all to get a mat of their own.
Arrive on time for class. Studio doors will be locked and no one will be allowed in 5 minutes after class start time. You should try to get to class 10-15 minutes of scheduled class start to ensure you have time to do necessary prep.
There are many myths and fears about yoga, but the most popular one is probably that you must be flexible to practice. That’s the misconception because starting up a yoga practice is what will ultimately give you the flexibility. While some people are genetically more flexible than others, most will gain flexibility over time with steady practice and patience.

So next time you think you’re not flexible enough for yoga, tell yourself that is the exact reason why you should try it!

Please try and arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of class. We will be locking the studio doors 5 minutes after class begins.
Please shut off your phone or set to airplane mode (see below). Please avoid heavy perfumes, food smells or other odors that will prohibit proper breathing or be potentially offensive to others. Please take off shoes ahead of entering the main floor space.
Cell phones are disruptive. Please treat our studio like you would a movie theater and turn off your phone. Please leave your phone with your belongings. No phones allowed on studio floor space. Blings and pings and rings from a phone and the notifications that come with them will all be there when your practice is over. This is a break from it all for everyone involved.
Many studios say to not eat anything for hours ahead of class. We agree but it’s hard to time that out so that you aren’t hungry as you arrive. We find that doing a Yoga class hungry causes a bad experience. In the event that you didn’t time your meals we recommend a Kind Bar (sold at our studio) or other form of nutrient dense food like Banana and Almond Butter take that hungry edge away and provide energy for a solid practice.
Always tell your Yoga teacher your limitations and ALWAYS listen to your body. Remember, Yoga teachers are not doctors and do not know the extent of your injuries. We recommend ASKING YOUR DOCTOR for full clearance if you are unsure. Please tell the instructor if you have any injuries or have any other problems you think the instructor ought to know about.
If you want to break from the routine and heat of Bikram try an all levels class. It will move your body in new ways and introduce you to flowing from pose to pose. You will generate heat naturally and classes will never be 100% the same, but the experience will always be consistent.
If you are looking for a workout try a Power class. If you are looking to soothe really sore muscles try our signature Yoga for Athletes. It’s a slow, chill practice designed to soothe and heal.