Class Descriptions

Regularly Scheduled All Levels and Beginner Friendly Yoga Classes. View Full Schedule Here
All Levels Vinyasa

It’s our signature class! Designed to give students the opportunity to enjoy an invigorating, physical and energetic experience. Each teacher brings their own unique talents to this well rounded class experience that will focus heavily on core strengthening, syncing breath with movement with a deep meditative savasana.

Yinstorative / Friday Night Unwind

A deeply relaxing, gentle flow to allow body and mind to release. This practice combines slow paced, restful poses with long holds of Yin with supportive props of Restorative yoga. We will end our practice with Yoga Nidra, a body/mind meditation. You will leave feeling well rested and nourished.

Yoga Foundations

This is for individuals new to yoga or those seeking a refreshing class with just the basics. You will engage in foundational physical yoga postures and alignment, breathing practice and basic Yoga “lingo”. The class ends by cooling the body with a deep relaxation. This is a great introductory class for runners, CrossFitters and other athletes looking for a place to start a yoga practice to complement their training.

The Sunday Morning Practice

The Sunday Morning Practice is a Power Vinyasa style class, taught by Megan Zwerlein, that has a greater focus on core work. She will not only include extra abdominal work, but also move through the poses with more emphasis on utilizing those core muscles to better your practice. The class is open to all levels but may include more advanced sequencing and is done in a warm room (78-82) . Class ends with an optional essential oil temple and neck massage.

Hot Baptiste Power Vinyasa (85+ Degrees)

This is an energizing class that will engage your mind, body, and spirit! The class will be heated 85+ degrees to allow a deep opening of the body as well as a cleansing sweat. Upbeat music will accompany this powerful 60 minute flow that will include strength building, core awareness, hip openers, and arm balancing, with the possibility of an inversion mixed in. Free your body as well as your mind in this dynamic class. All levels welcome.

Strong Slow Flow

Slower flow, holding poses longer while building stamina and strength. You will work on inversions and more challenging arm balancing. This All Levels class will advance students practice focusing more on alignment, building strength, stamina and challenging new poses including arm balances and inversions.

What is “All Levels” Yoga?

One class for everybody, every body, every level of fitness.

Here is a full 60 minute All Levels class with Owner Erica Baker: