Megan Zwerlein

After spending 12 years in Colorado, Megan found a spiritual path in life, an appreciation and connection to nature, a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, and a need for gratitude in her work. She left the cubicle that enslaved her behind, and found The Boulder College of Massage Therapy where she graduated with honors in 2000. During her time at BCMT, she had her first taste of yoga. In the beginning she studied Ashtanga Yoga, as its 8 limb path resonated deeply within her. Having developed a consistent practice over the years she learned firsthand how profoundly it can affect the body, mind and spirit.

No matter what life threw at her, the time on the mat was the best place to think clearly and work on whatever obstacles she faced. Since then she received her Yoga Teacher Training from The Shambhava School of Yoga at the Eldorado Mountain Ashram in Eldorado Springs, CO in 2009. Her classes blend classic Ashtanga with a lighthearted flow where anything is possible. It is with great pleasure that She brings these services to the massage table and yoga mat, finding gratitude every day as she juggles clients and yoga classes, loving her work for its bountiful gifts, especially the freedom and flexibility to pick her daughter up from school everyday. Outside of work, she can be found connecting with nature and enjoying life’s simple pleasures with her daughter.

Megan Zwerlein, LMT, RYT, CCT
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