Erica Baker

Erica began practicing yoga to compliment other forms of physical exercise and she found it not only provided her with the physical benefits she was … Read More

Meghan Bisson

Meghan has been practicing yoga on and off for years, but it wasn’t until about eight years ago that it completely changed her perspective on … Read More

Mary Callahan

Mary started taking yoga classes in 2010. Already a regular exerciser, she wanted to work on flexibility and balance. When she started taking classes at … Read More

Alicia Condon

Alicia first fell in love with yoga while in graduate school in 2012 as a way to manage stress and find balance. Since then, yoga … Read More

Diane Carlson

Diane started a regular yoga practice in 2008 and quickly realized that the strength and body awareness she established in ballet, gymnastics, skiing and nearly … Read More

Bethamy Furman

Beth Furman has been studying, teaching and practicing many different movement forms, including yoga and dance, for her entire life. She has a Masters Degree … Read More

Errin Gaulin

Errin’s yoga practice began in 2012, after earning a BA in identity development and mindfulness in Vermont. She became involved in New Haven’s yoga community, … Read More

Margaret Walsh

Bio / Photo Coming Soon TAKE CLASS WITH MARGARET: Studio Calendar

Megan Zwerlein

Megan Zwerlein discovered yoga while studying at The Boulder College of Massage Therapy in the late Nineties, and yet feels as if she has just … Read More